From the Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, Austin Feldman began honing his DJing skills from the young age of 14, playing gigs of whatever sort came his way from birthday parties, to weddings, and other events. He found his love for house music here. When he graduated High School, he moved to Phoenix, Arizona to attend Arizona State University. A place where he has managed to build up a vast body of work in the music industry, playing shows in almost every major venue in the Phoenix Valley, playing at multiple music festivals, and all the while working on production and engineering knowledge.


Austin first gained attention through his partnership in the music duo “Over Eazy” Which gained popularity in 2016-2017, with remixes of Mako, Branchez, Coldplay, and in the last year released some of the unreleased music from when they were both attending ASU.


Austin started working on his solo project entering into the realm of house music in 2015 with a focus on Bassline inspired house music such as G-House and Brazilian Bass music. With inspiration from artists such as Bijou, Drezo, Volac, Gerry Gonza, Illiusionize, and Kyle Watson. Austin has found his sound taking inspiration from aforementioned and finding a unique path tof ollow where he creates heavy drops that still maintain the house groove,rhythm and flow. Releasing his first Original Track “BoomTom” on GasMoney Music, a self-release entitled “Savage”, “ Gotta Be” onOne Stamp Records, “Chedda” onGhetto Ghetto Records, “To U”on Brazilian Label “Lounge Music Records”, “Know U” with Apachez on Fire, “Make Em Go” with Dramaki on Homerun House, followed with a Your EDM Premier of his remix of Avicii’s “SOS”, then a release on AIA’s imprint Patheon Select titled, “Frank Ocean” and his latest release “Esta Dentro” on House of Hustle. Austin has a catalog of tracks ready for demos and his desire to learn about the music industry from multiple angles is impressive, as he has worked music festivals, handed out flyers for events to promote his and his friends shows, to running the marketing for multiple venues. Austin has plenty of more releases lined up for 2022 and is poised to be one of the promising young talents with his dedication to his craft.

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